The following videos were produced by First Session. Their purpose is to highlight my practice and the approach I take as a counsellor.


My answers to frequently asked questions such as: Why I became a counsellor, do I really need to talk to a counsellor, working with addictions, and what I wish clients would know about counselling.

What Counselling is For

What can counselling be used for and how can each session be tailored to the client’s needs?

Logic and Emotion

Many clients face the challenge of accessing either logic or emotion when dealing with interpersonal relationships (ie. communication at work vs at home). How do we use logic and emotion effectively in communication?


It has been said that addiction is never the problem, just the worse solution. What are some paths to solution for individuals struggling with addiction?

Consistency with Therapy

What is the importance of consistency in therapy and what does that looks like?

Self-Care for Men

Men generally struggle with building self-care practices into their lives, what does “self-care” look like for men and why is it important?